coordinator rod

We're proud to be using a coordinator rod & neck attachment system designed in our workshop, here at Romero Banjos - you won't find this design anywhere else! We created this design here in the banjo workshop early on, and believe it is the best way to attach a banjo neck.

Romero banjo necks are attached using a two-lagbolt technique adapted from early Gibson banjos, in use since the 1920s. However, rather than having two metal coordinator rods - one attached to each lagbolt - we continue to use two lagbolts to attach the neck and rim but have developed a unique single coordinator rod using machined stainless steel and wood. Combining the functionality and strength of a metal coordinator rod with the beauty of the wooden dowel stick common to turn-of-the-century open back banjos, our proprietary attachment system results in excellent tone, long-term stability, and ease and adaptability for future adjustments.

Coordinator rods are available either square or hand-turned.

Hand-turned coordinator rod
Hand-turned coordinator rod